Our Customers share their experience with the Healthy Line Mat here. Below are real testimonials from real people that include Doctors, health professionals and many others.

Tension and Relaxation
I went in for my monthly scheduled massage with Tera and before the session started we always take a few minutes to chat about what’s new in our lives. Tera was so excited about the PEMF mat that she is using it on all her clients with no extra cost, bless her heart. I was skeptical at first because you hear about how EMF is bad for you. But I am always up for trying a new natural product. So I got onto the massage table and even before Tera entered the room to start our session I was so relaxed and tension free only after a few minutes. I will say I was hooked after my 1 hour session, I had never felt so relaxed. I told Tera I need one of those mats and she gave me her URL and I went online when I got home and researched all the different mats and decided to go with the PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline & Photon Far Infrared Chair & Car. I chose this one so I could use it sitting or lying down and in the car. So wonderful to be able to have such a versatile mat. I started out using it in the mornings for half hour then in the evenings for half hour and after a week of that I started using it all night every night and I sleep so soundly and feel so refreshed when I wake up. I have so much more energy now, that I did not even know I was at a loss of energy. It is truly amazing how this mat has changed my life for the better. One must always take care of ones self.
Thanks again for a wonderful product and having GREAT customer service.
Nicole Brown

Pain and Relaxation
I first tried out the Healthy Wave Mat when going for a Thai Yoga Massage. After the second visit and feeling like I was melting into this mat and leaving feeling so calm, pain free and just relaxed I knew I had to get one. I use my mat twice a day and would use it more if time allowed. I have suffered from a rare disorder that affects my joints and this is the first time in 5 years I have found any relief from something that is not a drug. I am so very happy.So happy that my husband who was a non-believer insisted we get another mat for travel and because he is now a converted “matty” guy we also just purchased a Chakra Mat so we don’t have to wait for each other to finish their turn. My husband will call now on his way home from work saying turn on the Mat! This truly is an amazing product and we are so excited to be able to see such great results. If your wondering should I or shouldn’t I ,do yourself a favour and invest in something that will make you enjoy life to its fullest without pain. I sleep better now, I am more relaxed, happier being without such severe pain , life really is good now that I have my Healthy Wave Mat!
Linda McK.

First, I wanted to tell you what a huge blessing that mat has been for me personally. I’ve had it a week. As soon as I got it, I camped out on it b/c I had overworked myself in my practice the previous 2 weeks and was in so much pain that I had to take a week off. I had terrible tendonitis in my shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. I also had ongoing issues with foot/ankle pain (for years) and recurrent neck and hip pain (for months). I camped out on that mat pretty much the 1st day and here are the changes that I noticed: 1. Foot and ankle pain – completely gone. 2. Neck pain – completely gone. 3. Hip pain – completely gone. 4. Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand pain… still significant but getting better daily .
Kristi, Massage Therapist

Sleep and Well Being
Thank you so much for accommodating my request! I’m so excited to get the longer mat, I have plantar fasciitis and I look forward to my calf muscles being on the mat now that I am experiencing all of these benefits. I feel so much calmer and a greater sense of happiness each day which I attribute to the use of the mat. My well being feels so much better and I’m tired and ready for bed each night and go right to sleep and stay asleep. This is really something, I have had insomnia and taken strong meds for this on and off the last 12 years. Amazing, I am telling everyone I know about this mat and I have shared it as well.

A few years ago my husband Barry was pinned between a running skid steer and a railroad tie. Although no broken bones there was internal damage that left a lot of scar tissue. Barry has worked all his life on horseback but the last couple years he couldn’t ride longer than about 15 min. At a time than have to get off and walk some before getting back on. We tried everything: massages, chiro, energy healer and although some relief nothing seemed to work. In July 2018 we bought a pro  mat. Barry slept on it since day one and one week later he started riding all day with very minimal pain. It was like magic. We love our mat.
Sherry Q.

Energy, Relaxation and Pain
I love crystals, and being able to relax on top of so mat full of crystals is amazing, i feel their energy going through me. I am also using the mat for weight loss using the heating/sauna feature, this also helps my husband with his back pain. After he spends few minutes on the mat he says hes feeling so much better and pain is almost gone. PEMF and FIR features provide so much healing and relaxation. I simply love love love this mat and I truly enjoy the benefits of all 5 therapies in one. Very pleased with the customer service.

Relaxation and Energy

I have been using  the Healthy Wave Mat for about 2 months now,  daily  morning and evening for about 20 minutes each time.  The most profound health effect is its ability to induce a greater sense of well being. This is a subtle effect, such as if one has been meditating for a period of time. In fact, the mat seems to assist my ability to settle my mind into a relaxing meditative state. While  in this state on  the mat I find my guard is let down as I enter into what I believe is called a parasympathetic state.

Through its use I have realized how much stress I have been carrying with me as part of my “normal” state.  On the mat, my shingles and any other pains (muscles/arthritic) usually subside. The sense of well-being and relaxation does carry on through the day.  It is as if my body has been trained to understand what it means to  be relaxed.

Of course, this has other health benefits. My energy had gone way up, sleep has improved, and I find the reduction in my colitis and psoriasis symptoms make these illnesses far easier to manage.  And finally, this mat practice does much to improve my mood and peace of mind.


Pain and Depression
Mornings were the worst part of the day. I would wake after 5- 6 hours of poor quality  sleep. My muscles and joints aching to the degree that I would  take  the stairs   one step at a time holding  on the banister for dear life. I had gotten used to  the pain, but what I couldn’t get use to was  my lack of motivation, depression and weight gain that came along with it.  A friend saw me struggling at Pilates class and suggested I try  out the 5 Therapy  Healthily Wave mat.  I truly believe that my life changed that day!. After less than a week of two  20 minutes session of laying on the mat daily, my sleep increased by  2 hours per night. The quality of sleep was better and I awoke refreshed.  My hands, wrists, back and hips stopped aching and my legs were less puffy.  My family has noticed a difference in my energy level and I am no longer struggling to pick up my grandbabies.  My Healthy Wave mat is now my new best friend.
Bonnie Br.

Lyme Disease

Hi, my name is Rebecca. I’ve struggled with my health for over 40 years now. After being diagnosed with chronic late stage Lyme disease in 2005 I realized Lyme was what had been making me sick for so long. I had a variety of diagnoses during that time, including fibromyalgia and depression. Over the years, my pain levels increased while my energy and zest for life all but disappeared. I tried everything from supplements to alternative body therapies, diets, and IVs to name a few but eventually my symptoms returned.

I was recently introduced to the small Healthy Line PEMF mat and I’m thrilled to say I’ve noticed a significant decrease in pain along with an increase in energy and well-being. What a change! I’m thrilled with the results. Normally I just try to get through each day as best I can. I water walk in the pool but that’s the extent of my physical exercise. I just don’t have the energy to walk a lot or work out at the gym.

I spend 30 minutes, 2-3 times a day on the mat. It’s really helping to reduce my body pain and give me more energy. For so many years now I have struggled with interrupted sleeps, waking up tired and staying that way all day. I’m now getting restorative sleeps which is huge for me.

I highly recommend this mat. I have a small one that I can use lying down or sitting up.
This has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my health. Do I still experience the ups and downs of chronic pain? Sometimes but using the mat regularly ensures that I’m able to function at a higher level on a daily basis and enjoy more of my life. I LOVE MY MAT.

Rebecca K.

Sciatica Pain

I got a small mat with PEMF and sleep on it every night. My sciatica pain and lower back pain have decreased a lot. I am so glad this product was recommended to me.

Judy Gorinson

Diabetes and Pain

So… this mat is reversing my husband’s diabetes. The 1st week he was on it, his blood sugar started dropping and he started lowering his insulin. He hasn’t had any long acting insulin in 4 days and is cutting the fast acting now. It’s been hard b/c his blood sugar keeps crashing, but we are monitoring it closely b/c we know we are going in the right direction. It’s absolutely amazing! Diabetes is a popular disease and we have lots of friends with it. One of them will be purchasing a mat this weekend. We have several more that are interested… family members as well. I will be making another mat purchase… probably the professional… but that might not be until the end of this year or beginning of next year. I’m SO THANKFUL that I found you guys.

What the mat is doing for me: taking pain away AND causing me to lose weight. Looks like its fixing things at the cellular level so that they are recognizing that things need to be cleaned out.

KC – LMT, purchased the PEMF Mat

Stress and Pain

My name is Judy and I seem to have one stressful life event after another. Using the PRO Mat 2-3 times a day for about an hour each time has really enable my mind and body to relax and feel more calm. I seem to drift to the sleep mode whenever I lie on the mat. It feels so cozy and warm and comfortable that I wish I can just lie on it all day.

I also had an old shoulder injury that reoccurred a few weeks ago. Lying on the Healthy Line mat melt the pain away in a week. The mats really heal deep since the front of my shoulder was also in a lot of pain. I didn’t have to have the mat on top of my shoulder. I just lay on my back for a week and even the pain on the front of my shoulders subsided.

My husband complained that his back was going out again. He lied on the PRO mat for 1.5 hours and told me the mat really works. The next day, I reminded him to use the mat again for his back pain. He said no need, his back is fine.

I have then introduced the PRO mat to my sister and a good friend. They both purchased one.

Thank you so much for all the time and efforts, research and development that went into designing and creating such effective and therapeutic products. I will continue to share my stories with my friends and families.

Can’t wait to try the pillows!


Broken Back

I crushed to 2 vertebrae in my lower back from a serious fall over 2 years ago so I suffered from a low level chronic pain all the time but would get a lot worse if I tried to do anything like vacuuming or bending over. Since using my Healthy Line Mat PEMF I have no back pain at all although it will flare up if I attempt to do too much lifting. As long as I lay on the mat for 20 minutes/ day I feel great. When I skip 3-4 days in row I can start to feel the old pain creeping back in which is a good reminder to get back on the mat.

Susan B.


I bought this Healthy Line Mat from Pamela an old trustworthy friend who’s knowledge in the health field has proven to be impeccable. She mentioned that she got some healthy mats that can help with pain and anxiety and maintain healthy brain.
Trusting the knowledge and ethics of my friend Pamela, I went ahead and bought two mats, one for me and one for my wife (I’ll leave it to my wife to write her own testimony when she gets a chance).

I always had these back pain and shoulder pain radiating to my arms. I had a nasty couple of MVA as well as a vigorous martial arts training and aggressive sparing (if you are in the full contact sparing you’d know exactly what I mean). I just learned how to live with that pain avoiding analgesics but taking sauna sessions, massages and all sort of supplements basically trying very hard to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Within two weeks I started feeling much less muscle pain. This was absolutely amazing and what a change! It’s been 2 months now since I started using the Healthy Line Mat and it has been heaven. I have no more muscle pain at all and all the numbed areas have started to soften and become functional again after I would say at least 15 years, and that’s not the best part of it! Very quickly I started to see my anxiety level decreasing dramatically. Prior to this, I was undertaking a justice studies course at Royal Roads University and trying to finish my Master in International Criminal Law @ TRU. I am in my fifties and I am parenting 4 amazing kids, but life is very hard managing work, parenting and schooling!

I recommend this mat to anyone with chronic pain, headache and stress. It has been amazing to me and my family. In fact for anyone who wants to stay healthy must consider this magic healing mat it is the best investment I ever did and so should everyone.

F. Ziani

Pain and Neuropathy

Recently I was suffering excruciating pain shooting up to my brain…. I have diabetes type 2. I went to see my dr who diagnosed me with neuropathy. She said there’s no fix for it and certainly it’s not reversible. What she was telling me in essence that my body is dying.

I was in panic mode and my doctor prescribed some pain relief pills as well as some morphine meds to deal with the pain. However, the pain was persistent and I decided to call a friend of mine who’s in the wellness business. He immediately drove to my place and literally shoved me into his car and took me to his long time friend Pamela. I haven’t slept for weeks and was barely capable of walking. Pamela prepared the Healthy Line Pro mat and let me lay on it for about an hour while she was explaining the benefits of that mat and the different healing technologies behind it.

When I stood up from the mat, my pain has dramatically receded. I bought the mat with 6 weeks satisfaction warranty.

This mat has done wonders to me and recently got out of pain killer which is huge on itself. I have gone from a level 10 pain to a level 4-5 in 1 week. I am able now to do my tasks at home and at work. I gained back my confidence and hope this health issue incompletely gone.

I recommend this mat with the strongest words to anyone with neuropathy or chronic pain it works.(period)

Thanks Pam you’ve saved my life I don’t know if I can ever thank you enough.

God Bless you.

Tanny Abraham,

Mercy mission president


I could feel the warmth from the infrared and I was lying for about 30 minutes when I felt a tug around my heart area and all this love starting coming out in that area across my chest. I could almost see the rays coming up through my body in 3 to 8 inches. I was so relaxed afterwards, and I never had an ache, pain or stiffness anywhere. The next day I went on it and after about ten minutes I just felt my system elevate – neat. I’m looking forward to getting this mat, as it will help my life a lot. I think it would be great for people who meditate as well as for healing. Thanks a lot!

Coro Shelidan.

Chronic Pain by former NHL player

In December of 2012 I was involved in rollover motor vehicle accident. That left me with something called a lower lumbar instability. This crippling injury has greatly diminished my mobility. My inability to walk without the assistance of a cane has led me to look at many different Rehab modalities. The truly scary part was what the NSAIDS meds were doing to my internal organs.
At first glance I was extremely skeptical about the whole pulsed electromagnetic frequency thing. In my mind it was one of those too-good-to-be-true type of things. Then I got a phone call from an old friend who happened to be passing through town and was promoting a PEMF mat. So, for no money out of pocket I got an opportunity to try his $6000.00 USD PEMF mat. To be honest I was pleasantly surprised. But the cost of it I felt was well out of my financial ballpark! It was by my great fortune that I contacted you to ask your opinion on the whole subject. As usual, my go-to girl, Pamela, pointed me in the right direction. Not only were you able to provide me with PEMF at a fraction (literally roughly 20%) of the price, the mat I purchased thru you also includes Heat, Far-Infared and Cold Lasers. BONUS!!!

The combination of which blows that other high-dollar mat right off the map!
I have owned my mat for over a year now and enjoy every minute of it. The more I use it the better my back and legs feel. Now when I come home at the end of the day I no longer have to take anti-inflammatories to be able to sleep.
Thanks again for providing the pain relief I so badly needed!


Harold Phillipoff ( former NHL player)

More Energy

I only bought my IIT Healing mat a week ago and have already noticed an increase of energy, physical and mental wellbeing, happiness, and positive creative thoughts. Having worked at a very stressful, challenging position for over a year I did not realize that feeling better again was possible so quickly or even how horrible I was feeling as it had become almost natural to feel lousy. Before using my mat I was feeling anxious, worried all the time had shoulder stiffness and headaches from driving and computer use and now this is gone. I feel like I am back in complete alignment on all levels.

I look forward to using my mat daily and have been sharing it with friends and associates who experience physical pain and they too have been feeling less pain and an improved quality of life.
Thank-you Pamela for designing a truly amazing healing product!

B. Baumel

Reduced Anxiety

I think they are helping overall. Both Leandra and I note that we go into a meditative state with them but I really do think it’s helped our anxiety issues. As the anxiety drops, the perception of pain drops as well.

I will keep you posted, and thank you so much to you and Janise for bringing this into our lives.

Dr. Russ K

Better Sleep

The mats are awesome…
I love the mat personally —it has changed my personal sleep patterns immensely! I almost get anxious if I know I won’t be able to sleep on my mat… because I’m worried I won’t sleep good! Funny!
I have loaned out one of my mats to help a friend who struggles with sleep… hopefully he’ll buy his own mat soon!

Enjoy Life Daily!

Dr. Deb Wms

Enhanced Micro-circulation

Hi Pamela- Thanks for your response. Following is an update on my use of the health mat. When I started using the mat, I had swelling in my left foot that had been there for 15 plus years. It never limited my mobility; I guess it just let me know that something was wrong with my circulation in that area. I will not even give the explanations that my dr. offered to explain the cause of the swelling. Over the years, the swelling would increase and decrease, usually with my consumption of sodium. But now, something is different. The decrease in swelling has accelerated more than ever before and, I can actually see the veins in the instep area of my foot for the first time in more than 15 years. Fluids are moving in and out of my foot in a more normal manner.

I just know that the swelling in my left foot has decreased to a level that I have not seen in more than 15 years, and that that change has occurred since I started laying on the health mat daily for about 20 to 30 minutes.

With love,


Back Pain

Hi Pamela!
How are you? Sorry I have not gotten back to you earlier about getting a healing mat.
Please know that I have been completely…I mean completely pain free since my time on your mat. I have lived with back pain since my oldest son was born 34 years ago. It’s hard to comprehend getting out of bed in the mornings with no pain and ease of mobility.
Since my time on your mat i have cleaned many houses and have not had the excruciating pain at the end of a work day. Wow! Just WOW!!
Thank you for allowing me the free session on the mat …I am a believer!!
I need some guidance as to which healing mat to buy and wondering when is a good time to connect on this?
I eagerly await your reply! Lol!

Thanks again!
Ms. B


I want to acknowledge first, that my experience with these mats is that they offer a ‘healing technology’ that is easy to access and is available to everyone for use in their own home. If a person is looking for a soothing, restorative way to relax and unwind for any reason, these mats do it. But there is so much more.

The first time I rested upon a Healing Mat, the depth in which the combination of its features interacted with my body was astounding. I expected to feel heat, of course, but to my surprise, as I lay on the mat, the energy fields it continued to produce influenced me at deeper and deeper levels. So while extremely relaxing to my body, as daily time on the mat progressed, I could literally feel my physical cells responding in ways that felt detoxifying and expansive. They sighed with relief. Then, I began to ‘see’ what appeared to be DNA code running through my awareness along with a curious sense of inner transformation. Can one’s DNA be recoded or activated in some way? Surely, it seems so.

My experience has been multi-dimensional. It continues in this manner to this day and this feels almost magical hence the reference to ‘Healing Mat’. So while it works through the physicality of the body, time on the mat also affects the mind and the emotions and ultimately ‘spirit’ too because if who we are as human beings in our mind, body and emotions is encouraged to heal or simply to feel better, then how can it not affect spirit as well? I have experienced ancient emotional material emerging from within me and being transmuted or released on several occasions; usually from distinct areas each time located both within my body through to the front of my body. Sometimes, the result of time on the mat is purely physical in that I will feel restored to an ease of functioning particularly following a difficult day or situation. Other times, it is infinitely more profound. My sense is that how things progress will be unique to the person laying on the mat. I have discovered that used consistently over time, the mat evokes multi-level change. Whatever needs to unwind first, happens first. As the person comes more and more into a new normal and has integrated this new way of being whether it’s subtle or very obvious, then the next level of transformation comes forward. It is a kind of evolution even if it is considered a subjective evolution.

As energy healer, having my clients lay on the mat at the onset of our work together, results in a more penetrating healing session for them since I do not need to work through initial layers of ‘stuck’ energy first that are, more often than not, present in a person’s energy field. At its simplest level, in this very busy and sometimes chaotic world, the mat offers respite and therefore a kind of daily maintenance around feeling good however that looks or is felt. Used over time, more possibilities arise. When people test out my mat for the first time, they invariably reach a place of stillness and peace. Older folks, who notice aging appearances and symptoms in their bodies, love the mat. Who wouldn’t want to feel this kind of response as a regular part of their day?

Nada Rose

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have purchased an amethyst PEMF mat with the laser lights for about one month from IIT Health. I first tried the mat at my massage therapist’s clinic, I lay on it for about 2 hours. That evening when I was home, I realized my body felt so good and my energy level was way up. BTW, I’ve been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis flare up for about a year, my energy level can be so low that I sometimes find it an effort even talking on the phone. So I was very impressed what I got out of it. I was determined that evening to buy one right away. I bought one that same week, the first night I got it, I lay on it for 2 hours before bedtime. That night I had the most amazing sound sleep that I never had in the whole year while suffering from the flare up. I was so impressed and happy I finally get some good deep sleep. I’ve continued using it and keep getting the benefits. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

Alice Auyeung

Urinary Incontinence

Dear Pamela– I am so thrilled that I no longer have incontinence!! I didn’t tell anyone about it and was very discouraged for 2-3 years. I have gone to Homeopathy, and Health Food supplements and none of them worked. I was doing Kegels regularly but wondered if I was doing it correctly !
Since using my PEMF mat from IITHEALTH I have dry pants almost all of the time. I am forever thankful. Power walk or slow run about 5 times every week. Yahoo!

Moneca G.

Therapeutic Insights

I want to tell you how much I love the mat. It took me a while to connect to the concept because it is something totally unfamiliar to me. But in the one day that I have been using it, I have had so many therapeutic insights – it really is a channel for the higher realm. It is so gentle and soothing – really a fabulous mat.

Thank you for your patience in helping me. It is also really beautiful to look at. Amazing design.

So thank you for all your help.


My Cat and my Mat

I had to write and share with you my excitement after receiving my new mat. I have had a Healthy Line Mat for years and am very experienced with all kinds of new gadgets as they hit the market. As you know, I highly recommend your products to everyone I know since they are the “real” thing.

After the first night, my lower back pain was greatly improved and slept well that night. The more I have used the mat, the better my overall sense of well-being has dramatically improved. The only problem I have now is my cat, Sunny, who is a senior, hogs the mat. He looks for it when I do not have it on my bed. Every night at 7:00 pm, I can find him sitting on the edge of my bed waiting for me to get it out and plug it in. I am trying to get my time in around 10:00 pm, but sometimes he doesn’t want to share, so I decided to get chair mat that I can use through the day. Since he has been using the mat he is now acting like a kitten with high energy. Cats are very sensitive to energy.

I personally find your mats a higher quality and perform better than the Bio Mat. It is simple to use and is very effective for any kind of pain that I have experienced.
Congrats on another incredible product and one that is very affordable.
Keep up the good work.


Laura Lassiter


In 1981 during my first pregnancy I experienced excruciating pain due to sciatica. I went for reflexology, massage therapy and even chiropractic treatments which provided only temporary relief. When my son was born in 1982 I suffered nerve compression damage (which was linked to the sciatica) in my lower back during the birth process. From that time, I’ve experienced lower back pain, learned to live with it and accepted it as part of being a mother. I remind my son that most days he’s worth all that pain and suffering! =) As I got older, so did my back and the pain kept intensifying and so did the need for painkillers. I was grateful for Costco sized ibuprofen and acetaminophen but guilty knowing how it was ruining my liver, taking up to 16 extra strength painkillers just to get through the day. It was how I coped, day after day. After a day’s work I would crawl into bed at night with excruciating pain and wake up in the morning still in pain, barely able to roll over, get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other. I’ve lived like for almost 35 years.
In November 2016 I was introduced to the IIT Healing Mats. I spent 2 hours on the mat the very first session. Pamela was shocked at my lack of mobility in rolling from my back to my side, in fact she helped me. The pain I experienced lying on the mat subsided to a level I not had in a very long time. I went home and began feeling like I’d been dragged through a train wreck, cold, achy, shivering and lethargic. Went to bed early that night, wrapped in multiple blankets, slept better than I had in years and woke up the next morning with NO PAIN AT ALL!! It was like a tonne of weight had left me!

That day I realized I was getting through my tasks at work much faster, more agile and not dragging myself around in pain. This was too good to be true and wondered how long the ‘no pain’ would last.
Those 2 hours on the mat at Pamela’s gave me about 4 weeks of being pain free. I knew then it was time to get my own mat or I’d have to move in at Pamela’s! Lol!

I am on my mat daily, well almost, if my friends aren’t borrowing it and it’s literally like getting a hot stone massage…my sleep has improved, ability to focus is better and the desire to keep learning has returned. And I’m a much happier person because I AM PAIN FREE!!
So many folks out there are living with pain and accept it as a way of life, just like I did for so many years.
Thank you Pamela for introducing me to the Healthy Line Mats @ IIT Health.

-Irene B.

Quality of Life

Thanks for the info Pamela. I absolutely love the mat. Last night I laid down for what I thought would be an hour and feel asleep on it for 5 and half hours. My oldest daughter loves the mat as well and asked if she could lay on it again this weekend.

Thank you for always creating such amazing products that improve the quality of life.


John K- MS in Nutrition

Pain and Numbness

My health freak husband showed up with these two mats and told me he just spent something like $2,000 I almost had a heart attack! I trust him when it comes to health issues and wellness but the mats thingy I was perplexed.

He gave me this brochure and asked me to read through while setting up the mats on our bed. He bought the Healthy Line PRO for himself and the tourmaline for me which was smaller in size. After reading the brochure about the healthy mats I felt much more comfortable as we do trust the seller very much and know that what they say is true.

My husband had chronic pain all over because of his career in martial arts. Since he started using this mat his pain is completely gone now and he sleeps much better.

It has been three months now since I have been using it and the results are amazing. First, the healing of my left arm which was partially numb for over three years. I’ve tried every imaginable treatment for my numbness with very meager results and very high bills. I also had chronic pain after a motor vehicle accident in 2006. I had pain in both my lower back and my shoulder. All that is now GONE! I must admit that I underestimated the healing power of this mat. I must give 5 stars to it and can’t thank enough my husband’s friend Pamela for developing such a wonderful product.

Recently, one of our friends called us and complained of excruciating pain from a diabetes complication called Neuropathy. My husband rushed her to try out the Mats. She lay down on the Pro mat and within half an hour her pain significantly decreased. She bought the mat right there and then and since she got it she’s calling us almost every day with positive results.
Thanks a bunch again Pamela… I strongly recommend this mat to anyone with pain or degenerative condition it truly does wonders.

Min Kim