How To Choose The Perfect Mat

We have the largest selection of healing mats available in the world. This gives you the largest selection but also can make it difficult to make a decision of which one you need. We have created a simple guide to help make the right decision.


What Size of Mat do You Want?

The first thing to consider is what size of mat you want.  We recommend the full sized mats as they allow the average person to lay their entire body on them.

  • Small (20”x20”) – Good for sitting on or laying a small part of your body on. Ideal for putting on a chair to sit on throughout the day.
  • Medium (32”x20”) – Big enough that it can cover half your body such as your back or legs. A nice size that you can put on the couch to lean against as well.
  • Full Sized (72”x24”)- Big enough someone 6 feet or under can cover their entire body. Recommended for most individuals.
  • Large(76”x32”+)- A little longer and wider than the full sized mats for the taller or wider individuals to more effectively cover the entire body. These are designed to cover a full massage table.
  • Queen & King sized (80”x60”+) – Large enough to fit 2 people on. A good choice to use on beds.


Which Crystals do you prefer?

Our mats are made of 3 main types of crystals: Amethyst, Jade and Tourmaline. Each crystal has different subtle energetic characteristics.

Amethyst– Good negative ion level, calming energy, good before bed.

Tourmaline– Highest negative ion level, more energetic and energizing

Jade– Moderate negative ion level, when unheated is cool and relaxing, good all-around crystal.

If you really prefer one crystal over the others you should consider getting a mat just made of that crystal, otherwise we have many mats which use all of the crystals so you can receive all their benefits.

All crystals provide the similar type of far infrared heat; the energetic differences are very subtle and there is no best crystal or wrong choice if you are having trouble deciding.


Do you want a soft or regular mat?

There are 3 different flexibilities of mats

Soft – Soft mats are very flexible and can be easily wrapped around or rolled up. They have no stiffness to them at all. They are excellent for wrapping around and forming to the body. They can also be used on couches or chairs so form into the seat.

Regular – Have some stiffness to keep their shape with some bendability. They are designed to be folded up for storage and are best used on flat surfaces such as the floor or bed. The majority of our mats fall into this category unless it is deemed soft  or  the PEMF stiff mats.

Stiff – Only PEMF mats are stiff as the components inside cannot be bent. They also fold  up for storage. They need to be used on a hard surface.


Do you want a specialty use mat?

We have various mats designed for specific purposes that are made to wear or put on specific areas of the body or can be used in specific situations.

  • Car mat for driving  and chair mat  for the office etc.
  • Pillows & neck pillow supports – For targeting the neck & head area
  • Knee wraps – designed to easily stay on your knees while sitting or lying down.
  • Belts – target the lower back and core, can be worn higher or lower on the body to target specific areas
  • Vest – Targets the shoulders, chest and upper back. Can be worn while sitting or lying down.
  • Leg wrap-Targets your feet and legs below the knee. Keep your legs in it while sitting down.



Do you want PEMF?

PEMF is a unique technology found in only select mats. If you are not familiar with this technology we suggest reading about it here

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF therapy)

All PEMF mats are stiff and cannot be bent!


Do you want Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy is a unique technology found in only select mats.  If you are not familiar with this technology we suggest reading about it here

LED Photon light therapy / Phototherapy / Cold laser therapy


Hopefully this guide has helped you figure out which mat is best for you. We have all our mats categorized by these features to help you easily find the type you are looking for. You can find the full section of Healthy Line Mats in our e-store  at the link below